Friday, July 24, 2015

The Creative Blogger Award

 Both Adriana Gabrielle @ The Librarian Files and Annika Smith @ Writer and Proud nominated me for this award like weeks or months ago ... Lost track. And now I'm finally getting around to doing it. I've done so many of these fact things that I had to go back and look at my old ones so I can hopefully think up some new facts for you guys that you don't already know. 

The Rules:

~Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify all nominees via their social media/blogs
~Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you (very important)
~Share 5 facts about yourself to your readers
~Pass these rules on to them

The Nominees:
I am not doing 15-20 blogs. Nope. I'm doing five. I don't think I even know that many ... maybe ... I'm not sure ...

The Facts:

1.) I've written about half a million words collectively in all the novel drafts I've done since I was eleven. 

2.) I used to collect a ton of different things as a child: shells, Beanie Babies, Puffkins (if you remember those you're awesome), coins, rocks, and pressed flowers. And I may be forgetting some ...

This, my friends, is a Puffkin.
3.) My most productive writing time is 10 p.m.-12 a.m. I can write other times of the day, but the best comes out during then. 

4.) I really enjoy Asian food. I like Chinese, Thai, Korean, and Japanese. Some of my favorites are Mango Chicken (or Shrimp), Unagi sushi (Freshwater Eel yum), sesame balls, lychee gummies, ramune (Japanese soda), mochi, and kimchi (Korean fermented and spiced cabbage. Sounds funky. Tastes awesome). I like to cook it as well with authentic ingredients. I make a mean Thai Basil Chicken. 

This is Mochi. They are Japanese rice cakes with different fillings.
My favorite is red mochi with red bean paste.
Mochi ice cream is amazing too.
5.) On the topic of food, I enjoy eating as naturally as possible. I grind my own flour (No, I don't do the whole stone mill thing it's a plastic mill the size of a mixer with a container the flower goes into) to make my own bread. I grow most of my spices and I used to have chickens so I could get my own eggs. I barely have anything sweet in my house. It's usually all-natural, no preservatives, blah blah blah if do. 

Thank you Adriana and Annika for nominating me! 

Welp those are some random facts about me. What about you? What are some random facts about you? Do you like Asian food? Have you owned a puffkin?

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  1. Thanks so much for tagging me!
    Half a million words. o.O That's... That's a lot. And actually super interesting. Now I want to go calculate all the words I've written so far. :p
    Hehe, we're very alike in our writing times. I can get some writing done in the morning/afternoon, but the majority of my writing is in the evenings. Very late. Midnight late. xD
    I've never owned a puffkin, or really liked Asian food. *hides* I'm more of a pizza type of girl. :p

  2. I love Asain food too, though I rarely make it myself. I have several Asian restaurants close to my house that I go to instead; my mom and I love this mom and pop Chinese restaurant nearby--GENEROUS servings and SO TASTY. XD

  3. You're welcome!
    I was thinking about it one night and it all added to that. XD
    Yay another night owl!
    I see. Pizza's good too. XD I have a weird diet.
    Thanks for commenting!

  4. Oh yummy! Is Chinese your favorite kind of Asian food? Do you have a favorite dish? Thanks for commenting!