Sunday, April 10, 2016

Writerly Bundle #10: Alpenglow, Jerall Mountains, and Cold 911

Welcome to this week's Writerly Bundle! A post where I hope to inspire you with three of the world's greatest things: music, words, and tea.

Cold makes me think of Skyrim, so welcome to a completely Skyrim-themed Writerly Bundle! Since the weather is warming up, I thought this would be sweet irony.

The Word:

1.) a reddish glow often seen on the summits of mountains just before sunrise or just after sunset.

Example Sentence: The alpenglow of the Jerall Mountains is beautiful.

The Song:
"Jerall Mountains"
from Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

After seeing the Canadian Rockies, I got a whole new perspective about mountains. I'd played Skyrim and journeyed the rocky crags of this fictional world, but seeing these giants in person was breathtaking. The music of Skyrim is one of the best if not the best video game soundtracks there is and it captures the glory of these natural wonders.

This peace is a mix of upbeat adventuring aura and a nature serenity. It has some violins, flute, horns, and snare drums for trekking through beautiful scenery. The flutes give a whimsical air that makes you want to smile in wonder at the environment around you. This is perfect for any fantasy novel that involves travel.

The Tea:

Cold 911

Bad colds require great interventions. Take this tea, for example. It’s a deliciously soothing mix of peppermint, juniper berries and orange peel. Pretty badass, right? If that’s not extreme enough for you, you could try eating raw garlic, or gargling salt water, or inhaling lots of steam. Yeah...we didn’t think so. Probably better just to stick to the tea. With its soothing citrus and mint aroma we can’t guarantee miracle results, but at least we can guarantee it tastes great. (MK Kosher).

How I found it: On my recent trip to Canada, I discovered this Canadian originating tea company called DAVIDsTEA. After looking at many of their teas in one of their many stores located in Canada and northern USA, I thought they would be great to review, especially for you Canadians! After I got home I ordered a sampler set and as a bonus DAVIDsTEA sent me an additional three samples, so I have nine teas to show you guys. DAVIDsTEA definitely has a unique flavor to their teas. If you want to take an adventure in your tea drinking, this is certainly a good affordable company to try.

The Tea: Why did I think to Skyrim theme this post? Well, because this tea has juniper in it and in for alchemy in Skyrim you gather a lot of juniper. The tea alone has a very strong eucalyptus from the eucalyptus flavoring and peppermint from the peppermint leaves smell with a hint of orange from the flavoring. Once brewed, you taste primarily the juniper, eucalyptus, and peppermint with hints of apple and orange. 

The makes your mouth cool like mint gum and I could see it good iced with a fresh mint leaf in it. I could see this tea made from juniper berries in Skyrim. It taste like it's from the game. Considering the frigid weather of that country, I could see this used quite often. Eucalyptus and peppermint are natural remedies for clearing airways so I could see this come in handy for a cold definitely. When I get my next cold (which Lord willing won't be for a while), I'll try this tea and tell you how it is when you actually have a cold.

Serving Recommendations: I steeped this tea at 204 for five minutes and added sugar.

How much is it and where can you get it? You can buy this tea at a DAVIDsTEA store or on their website. You can get just Cold 911 for $7.98-$79.80, depending on how much you get. The smallest amount is 2 oz. and the largest amount is 20 oz. You can also get Cold 911 along with five other teas in the Super Spice set (which is what I did) for only $14.00.

So how good is it? I could definitely see this as a lifesaver for a cold remedy, but I wouldn't drink this tea copiously. It's unique and a good tea, just not my absolute favorite. Three stars!

Have you seen or used this word before? Have you heard this piece before? Have you played SkyrimHave you tried this tea?

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