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Monthly Summary: March 2017

This month was an interesting one! I've half registered for Realm Makers, got published in two magazines, worked two jobs, and spring is underway!

What I did:

1.) In my writing life, I've started my rewrite for Starbloods and I'm over 15K in! I've also gotten into the latest issue of Area of Effect with my Noragami piece. Isn't the cover rad? And I'm also the staff feature  for the latest issue of Splickety Magazine! Lastly, I got rejected by that publisher after all. *sigh* But I can still resubmit again later.

2.) After working a meh temp job at Goodwill (I don't recommend it), I landed a receptionist position at a property management company. I liked it so much better than my past jobs. The office setting is definitely my jam. Unfortunately, I apparently didn't have enough "industry experience" so I ended up losing the job after two weeks. Well, at least I have some "industry experience" now. :P The money I earned helped me half sign up for Realm Makers and I'm working hard to get the rest of funds. Other than working, I've been enjoying the beautiful spring weather.

I finished Scarlet and loved it! 

4.) I drew a lot this month too!

5.) I posted a lot on other sites this month. I posted about the latest Fandom of the Month Club Unboxing on the Fangirl Initiative, I reviewed Logan and Beauty and the Beast on Geeks Under Grace, and I wrote articles on RWBY, Ronja the Robber's Daughter, and Beauty and the Beast on Geekdom House.

The Geeky Department:

1.) I saw Logan. My emotions are still recovering but the acting was phenomenal.

2.) I also saw Beauty and the Beast! Loved it. I've been listening to "Evermore" almost nonstop. XD 

3.) I've been watching DC's Legends of Tomorrow and enjoying it so far. Arthur Darvill for the win! And I'm also rewatching Guilty Crown my favorite anime!

4.) I replayed Cognition. It's an awesome game no matter how many times I play it. I've also managed to get an old game called Croc working and I've been replaying that a bit. 

5.)  I also worked hardcore on my new cosplay this month! I'm hoping to debut it next month. Little Cedric is finished and most of my costume is completed!

What I Learned:

Pain Makes You Cranky - About that Goodwill job. I didn't mind the actual sorting of old clothes, books, and jewelry part. What I had a problem with was the state of cleanliness and the fact that you're standing on hard concrete floor all day which makes my back hurt like the dickens.  Since my car accident last year, my back has gotten more sensitive and standing for long periods of time really gets it. So standing for eight hours on a concrete floor for three days straight did not help. I was in so much pain that I flinched if I turned too sharply and I eventually had to pull up a chair and wear a back brace because I was almost in tears. But one thing you can take away from this for your characters is that when you're constantly in pain you get moody. I don't care what gender you are. It's why old people are crankier or people with old injuries and chronic pain. 

2.) Dryness Gives You Nosebleeds - The other thing I talked about with that Goodwill job was the fact that it was really dirty. I mean you're going through old stuff in a warehouse like setting. They're dust everywhere. Dust dries out your nose which in turn gives one nosebleeds. I got small nosebleeds every day I worked there. That's a thing to keep in mind when you're writing characters who live in unclean environments and dry climates. My friend from Canada gets nosebleeds regularly

3.) Microsoft Speech - On a positive note, I've fallen in love with Microsoft Speech. It makes my editing life so much easier. Instead of tiring my voice reading stuff out loud, the computer reads it for me. Thank you so much, Sara Letourneau for telling me about this! It's so easy to add in Microsoft Word. Just click the top left down arrow on the Word window to see Speech on the tool bar then click it to add. Whenever you want it to read something, select an area and press Speech. You can edit as it reads to you and you catch so many errors

What I'm Going to Do:

1.) I'm participating in CampNaNo! My goal is 30K in Starbloods!

2.) Next month is my b-day and my friends Casey and Amy are coming to visit that weekend! Korean barbecue, Kennesaw mountain, and more fun! I'm also continuing to save up for Realm Makers! Other than that ... more job hunting. *headdesk*

3.) I'm hoping to finish King's Blood! And start Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard depending on how soon I can get it from the library.

4.) I hope to do at least two more drawings next month. I'm on a roll lately haha.

5.) I have two more Geekdom House articles going up at least.

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I have two announcements!

1.) So Your Character is ... is becoming a weekly segment! It's one of my most popular series on my blog and I've had lots of people volunteer to be interviewed. Expect new countries and more every Tuesday!

2.) I'm on Instagram! Technically I've had an account for years, but now I've finally started to be active on it. XD I know you guys enjoy my cosplays, so I've dedicated this account to all things cosplay, including past cosplays and progress on new cosplays! Follow me here

3.) I need movie reviews for Geeks Under Grace! You'd be working under me and learning more reviewing movies and working for a webzine. More info on the flyer!

This month has had its ups and downs but I feel like I've made some progress for my goals for this year. I'm looking forward to April. ^ ^ Happy April!

How was your month? What did you do? Are you looking forward to any of the upcoming posts? Have you ever cosplayed? Have you seen any of these movies?

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