Friday, October 27, 2017

Tori's Tips for Purchasing a Gaming Laptop

No Sam doesn't game, but it's October so Halloween so Supernatural so there.

I'm hoping in the next year to purchase a new laptop because my current baby is almost seven years old and it's starting to show. Now I've only purchased a laptop where I was actually involved once, which is my current laptop since my first laptop was a first writers conference present from my parents when I was 16. I'm not amazing with computers, but here are a few tips I've learned that are good for not just purchasing a laptop, but any laptop, including one for writing. Here we go!

1.) Don't Buy A Mac - Now this is just specifically for gaming laptops. Macs are fine for art, music, and writing, but for gaming not so great. A lot of games are not compatible for Mac and Macs just weren't built for gaming. Many Windows PCs are specifically designed for gaming, partially since Microsoft owns Xbox and many of their games are compatible for PC.

2.) Don't Buy a Used Laptop  - If you can avoid buying a used laptop, do so. The thing about used laptops is even if you wipe the entire hard drive there are still fragments left deep in the bowels of the computer that won't ever completely go away, so when you're buying this laptop it's already got years of data use on it, so it's not going to last as long as a new laptop. Yes, buying new is going to cost more money, but you're paying for a laptop with a longer lifespan.  

3.) Gaming Laptop Specs - The number one thing you want with a gaming laptop is memory. Games take up a lot of memory space whether that's your saves or just downloading the game to begin with. You also will want a good core. This will allow the games smoother. You can also enhance your experience more if you make sure the laptop has a good sound card and video card. Like I said I don't know a ton about this, but definitely research.

4.) Check Reviews - Not all laptops are created equal. Before spending a few hundred dollars on a new laptop, check reviews online to see how this laptop performs. Some laptops will have manufacturing problems that can be detrimental like a tendency to overheat.

5.) Think About Protective Gear for Your Laptop - To keep your new laptop nice and increase the longevity, it's wise to invest in skins, screen protectors, and laptop cases. I invested in a gel laptop case for mine, especially for travel, because sometimes your carry on can get bumped and jostled around and I don't want that to affect my laptop. Technology can get bumped around, but ultimately they can only take so much punishment, so set aside a little cash to purchase some of these as well. 

Conclusion - These are my tips for purchasing a gaming laptop. HP also has a good selection of gaming laptops to check out!

Have you ever purchased a gaming laptop or any laptop? What type of laptop do you have? Do you have any further advice? 

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