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Beautiful People #19: Elasa

It's time for this month's Beautiful People! Yay! This is a link-up hosted by Paperfury and Further Up and Further In where you answer questions about your characters. I participated in Beautiful People #1#2#3 and the villain special last year. And I've done Beautiful People Author EditionBeautiful People Valentine EditionBeautiful People #7Beautiful People Sibling EditionBeautiful People #9Beautiful People: Parental EditionBeautiful People #11Beautiful People: Friendship EditionBeautiful People #13: CalebBeautiful People #14: Writerly Resolutions and GoalsBeautiful People: Valentine's EditionBeautiful People #16Beautiful People #17, and Beautiful People Childhood EditionThis link-up has been just so helpful with character development. 

Since I'm officially going to do Starbloods for NaNoWriMo, I want to focus my BPs and interviews on characters from my long-neglected high fantasy series. Today I'm doing BP with Elasa (rhymes with Mufasa) who is one of the three main character of the series. She's the chosen female of a pair for a prophecy that has a pair of chosen ones every generation, but all of the chosen ones have failed up to this point. Elasa is 5' 2", a Lady of a Provence in the Renaissance period land of Calsidor, and suffers from fibromyalgia. She's had an interview and a Beautiful People in the past, but not one that's focused exclusively on her so I'm excited about this. She's in the same story as Harlowe from last month. If you'd like to participate in this link-up yourself, check out either Paperfury or Further Up and Further In to see how. Here we go!

1.) Do they want to get married and/or have children? Why or why not?
Since Elasa is both a lady in a noble family and she's part of prophecy where he child will save the world, it's almost guaranteed that she's going to have kids. She sees it as a sense of duty, and she also loves children. She has a soft heart for children and animals.

2.) What is their weapon of choice? (It doesn’t necessarily have to be a physical weapon.)
Elasa is a Starblood which means she has the blood of stars in her. In this world Stars are sentient beings, and at the beginning of this earth's life two came to earth and many of their children had kids with humans. These are called starbloods. Elasa comes from a long line of Starbloods who are part of the royal family. Starbloods can have six types of abilities. Elasa has telepathy, telekinesis, and healing. She can use the former two as a weapon. She can also throw knives.

3.) What’s the nicest thing they’ve done for someone else, and why did they do it?
One time when her brother, Silanoc, was so overwhelmed with his lordly duties, she stole him away for a surprise picnic of some of his favorite foods such as roast lamb and apples. 

4.) Have they ever been physically violent with someone, and what instigated it?
Yes, her uncle has abused her behind her brother's back by burning her with his starblood abilities and threatening if she told anyone that he'd hurt them. When she finally stood up for herself and hurt him back, she made enough noise for her older to hear then he discovered what her uncle was doing, but when he left to bring his uncle to justice, Silanoc went missing.

5.) Are they a rule-follower or a rebel?
Elasa is mostly a rule follower, though she does have a small rebellious streak.

6.) Are they organized or messy?
She's more of an organized person. She likes her room neat and tidy. 

7.) What makes them feel loved, and who was the last person to make them feel that way?
Elasa's love languages are time and touch, though her father used to bring her pets back when he would leave on a trip. She had to stay in bed a lot because she was in so much pain from muscle aches and her animals would be a great comfort to her. She loves her cats, dogs, bunnies, and other creatures. The last person to make her feel loved was her brother. 

8.) What do they eat for breakfast?
She likes oatmeal with sugar and whatever fresh or preserved berry is available whether that be strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, or raspberries.

9.) Have they ever lost someone close to them? What happened?
Yes, she's lost both of her parents. Her mother died giving birth to her then her father passed away on her twelve birthday from poison. Then recently her older brother went missing, but she's determined to find him.

10.) What’s their treat of choice? (Or, if not food, how else do they reward themselves?)
Elasa loves anything with custard. It's her favorite. She likes custard pie instead of a cake for her birthday.
My newest artwork of Elasa ^ ^
I hope you liked that bit about Elasa. ^ ^ I'm getting more excited to rewrite this story. Thanks for reading!

What do you think of Elasa? Did you participate in the Beautiful People? Are you planning to? If so let me see your posts in the comments!

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