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Monthly Summary: August 2017

August was an interesting month. Nothing extremely eventful went on (besides the solar eclipse, more on that in a sec) but it felt super busy throughout. I got a lot of stuff accomplished, though most of it felt like catch-up from July haha. XD I'm also beginning to feel fall. I can't wait!

What I did:

1.) I finished editing Starbloods and started going through beta critique. A lot of the comments have made me laugh and I feel like a lot of the suggestions have really helped hone the story. ^ ^ I've also submitted some material to agents and a publisher. One agent promptly rejected me, but it wasn't because the writing was bad it was just because she as the agent didn't feel like she could sell it, so it didn't sting too much--too much. XD

2.) Offline life has consisted mostly of three things: work, eclipse, and cosplay prep. I've been working to pay the bills and have the dough for DragonCon and I've also been working on getting my cosplays ready for DragonCon! More on that in the Geeky Department. I also got to see the solar eclipse. It really was an amazing experience to see a real life Day of Black Sun!

3.) I finished Cress and really enjoyed it! ^ ^ Review up later in the month.

4.) I narrowly got a drawing done this month! This is the main character Cohen from my NaNo novel! The cracks are because his body's made of clay. ;)

5.) This month I wrote pieces on Geekdom House about racial portrayal in anime and Terror on Resonance.

The Geeky Department:

1.) I feel like I've been dead to Western media because I've been watching nothing but anime lately. XD I've finished One Punch Man and it was interesting. Then I watched Fate Zero and Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Bladeworks both of which I loved and took me through an amazing but painful feels trip. XD 

2.) I've also started playing Epic Mickey. I've had the game for years but for some reason never finished it, so I spontaneously decided to start one day after work. XD

3.) I didn't think I would get this done in time, but I'm having my new cosplay ready by DragonCon! I'm so excited for this cosplay and I think it's going to be one of my favorites that I've done!
Make up test!

Make up test!

Wig finished!

What I Learned:

1.) Contacts Are Tricky - So for my new cosplay I'm wearing colored contacts for the characters. They are tricky little buggers to get in. It took me a half hour each eye to get them in at first then I've gotten faster, but I've little eyes and I have to really REALLY open my little eye wide to get that sucker in there. XD

2.) Some people can just be really stupid - So I work as a sales representative for a provisions company aka I sample out sausage at groceries stores to persuade people to buy them. So funny story. I keep the sausage warm in crock pots which have lids. Some guy walks up to my table and says, "Whatcha got?" Then proceeds to open the lid and try to stick his hand into the crockpot. If you've worked with food at all then you know that if he touches that sausage then you have throw all of it out because it's become contaminated. So I put my gloved hand in front of his and said, "Please don't stick your hand in there. I'll get you a sample." (Which is what I'm supposed to do.) Then the guy said, "That's okay. I don't want any." And proceeds to roll his cart away in a huff. You gotta watch out for people like that. XD This is one of my many weird work stories. 

What I'm Going to Do:

1.) I'm going to finish going over beta critique then I'm going to start planning out my NaNo novel Silhouette. ^ ^

2.) September is going to be way more interesting than August. I'm going to DragonCon where I'll be meeting Nathan Fillion and Matt Smith (ERMERGERD) on the first weekend of September (aka this weekend. I'm at the con at the time this post goes up). Then at the end of the month, I'm going to Anime Weekend Atlanta with Casey and Amy. ^ ^

3.) I'm currently reading Black by Ted Dekker and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (finally), so I know I'll be finishing those next month. I'll also be starting the Lost Hero by Rick Riordan and then the Girl Who Could See by Kara Swanson optimally. I'm trying to meet my Goodreads goal. XD

4.) I'm hoping to finally finish my series of Starbloods blood-bonded drawings and then I'll start doing some drawings of my characters from Silhouette!

5.) I have articles about Summer Wars and first impressions going up on Geekdom House next month!

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Overall, August was a pretty good month, but I can't wait for September and fall and cool weather!

How was your month? What did you do? Are you looking forward to any of the upcoming posts? Are you going to any conventions or conferences next month?

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