Friday, January 18, 2019

So Your Character is Goth ... Featuring Elliana Reickard

It's the first So Your Character is From Another Country of the year! Woo hoo! And Elliana is back to share with us! You may remember her from So Your Character is from the Midwest United States ... and I'm excited to have her! I've always had mixed thoughts about the gothic subculture and honestly when I think of it the first thing I think of is Sam from Danny Phantom (Did anyone else here watch that show?) hence the above image, but Elliana shed so much light on the subject!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

A Book Review of Rhett and Link's Book of Mythicality by Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal

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Thanks for reading this description. You’re obviously a curious person, which means you’ve already taken your first step towards achieving Mythicality. Lucky for you, opening this book is even more rewarding than reading about it online. Within its pages, you'll discover twenty ways to fill your life with curiosity, creativity, and tomfoolery, including Eat Something That Scares You, Make a Bold Hair Choice, Say “I Love You” Like It’s Never Been Said, and more. Along the way, you’ll also find:

·         Embarrassing stories and photos we'll probably regret sharing
·         Character Building: The Board Game
·         An important message from the year 2075
·         A quiz to help you determine if you should get a dog
·         A eulogy you can read at any funeral
·         Grownup merit badges to earn
·         Contributions from Mythical Beasts, and much more

If you decide to read this book, be warned – there is a high likelihood of increased Mythicality in your life, which means you may soon find yourself laughing more, learning more, and not taking yourself too seriously. This mentality has been known to spread easily to friends and loved ones.

Genre: Self-Help & Psychology
Publisher: Crown Archetype (October 10, 2017)
Page Count: 272 pages

When two of my favorite YouTube comedians Rhett and Link announced they were writing a book a couple years ago I knew I had to read it ... cause I'm a big fan. I'm not a huge fan of this brand of non-fiction though, but I figure since it's these two it's gotta be good. After getting distracted by novels for a while, I finally finished this book! I've also had to change my review formatting since this is non-fiction, so here goes!

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Monthly Summary: December 2018/Year End Post

2018 felt like a very intermediate sort of year, a year that was building up for next year. One of my good friends has said that 2019 will be my year and I hope she’s right. XD Most is this year was focused on Iceland for next year so I’m really looking forward to the new year!